Home Medicines Review

What is a Home Medicines Review?

  • An opportunity for you, your doctor and your pharmacist to discuss your medicines.
  • An opportunity for you to ask a pharmacist about your medicines in the privacy of your own home.
  • Helps your doctor and pharmacist assist you to get the best results from your medicines.

Who do I ask about a Home Medicines Review?

  • Discuss a Home Medicines Review with your usual doctor at your next visit.
  • If you and your doctor agree that a Home Medicines Review may help, your doctor will ask your pharmacy to arrange a suitable time for a pharmacist to visit you at home.
  • The pharmacist visit usually lasts about 30-45 minutes.
  • The pharmacist will advise your doctor on the results of the home visit. Your doctor will then arrange to discuss this with you.

Benefits for you of a Home Medicines Review

A Home Medicines Review will:

  • improve your understanding of your medicines; and
  • help you obtain the best results from your medicines.

All information is completely confidential between you, your doctor and the pharmacist.

The Home Medicines Review service is free to veterans and war widows.

  • Want to learn more about your medicines?
  • Unsure how long you should keep taking each medicine?
  • Unsure about the best time to take each medicine?
  • Recently started a new medicine or had your medicines changed?
  • Do you forget to take your medicines?
  • Are you confused or worried about your medicines?
A Home Medicines Review may help

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