Please update your Veterans' MATES bookmark
The Veterans' Medicines Advice and Therapeutics Education Services (Veterans' MATES) project has a new website. To access the new site, you will need to update your existing bookmark.

You can visit the new Veterans' MATES website by following the link below...
Veterans' MATEs
If you are unable to log on to the website, try these tips prior to emailing the help facility:
  • Passwords are case sensitive. Check you are using the correct case for your password.
  • Although we have eliminated most confusing characters, check to discern between O & 0 and I & 1.
  • If you have never logged on to the website, check you are using the password from the most recent Veterans' MATES letter. To maintain security, passwords in previous letters will have expired.
If you are still unable to log on, click here to send an email with your username and details of how best we can contact you.